Different Ways To Name A Cryptocurrency


As the demand for cryptocurrency is increasing day by day, it is sure that you a have heard many things about cryptocurrency. Nowadays, it is termed as the unstoppable future of finance and which can make you rich is just one day. As per the data, currently, the value of one bitcoin is around $9000, but that will not be going to stay same for a long time. The value of a bitcoin changes in every second. If you want to gain something, you have to take a risk and that’s all about cryptocurrency.

One of the major confusion in this field is different names of cryptocurrencies. The names like Ripple and Zclassic may sound funny to you but, you will find many cryptocurrencies carrying these types of funny names. You can also name a new cryptocurrency with little training and by using some easy strategies.

Strategies For Naming Cryptocurrencies

  1. Choose one Bitcoin’s name and change that name slimly

The world is now running on imitation. You will find many imitated products in the market. The whole world of the cryptocurrency is also based on the imitation and nowadays imitation is treated as the honest form of flattery. Since cryptocurrencies came into existence, they are carrying a quite similar name like litcoin, dotcoin, bytecoin. The name bytecoin is based on the name of bitcoin. Well, it is quite funny but, you will not find any simplest way to name a cryptocurrency than imitating the name based on some popular cryptocurrencies. You can name is like bitqoin, bit-o-honey coin, matacoin, Bitcoin 2 and more.

  1. Develop a Sci-fi word

If you are a creative person and don’t want to imitate from cryptocurrencies names then you can invent a whole new name for the cryptocurrency. Well, there is the simplest way to develop a brand-new name. You can use a sci-fi name for the cryptocurrency. There are many cryptocurrencies whose names are resembled with some kind of sci-fi words like Ethereum, Viberate, and Electroneum. It seems that all these are robot assassins. So, you choose names like sporkz, spacejamm, electobucks, and hyperkramulon.

  1. Misspell a normal word

Maybe it will not make any sense for you but, this can be a perfect strategy to name a cryptocurrency.  You can choose any normal words and then try to misspell that. For example, the cryptocurrency name Particl is similar to the word Particle. The only difference is that the letter “E” is missing from that. So, pick some words and then do the dirty thing, misspell it. In this case, you can consider an example like from the word Sandwich you can develop a cryptocurrency name “Sdnwich”. Go ahead make some words like schlbus, cellFone, and p0pkorn.

  1. Your cat name can be the best option

If you are not able to build a name using the above-mentioned strategies, then one last option for you is to give the cryptocurrency your cat name. It is very simple. First, find a cat, adopt the cat and give a name to the cat. Now, use that name to the cryptocurrency. How about the cat name Snuggles? Well, Snuggles is a name of the cryptocurrency. There are some cryptocurrencies whose names are tokes, melon, and storm. All these names are quite similar to the names of cats. So, move ahead and adopt a cat to develop a cryptocurrency name.



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