Entersoft- An Advanced Weapon To Fight Against All The ICO Scams


In today’s world, there have been lots of cases regarding the scams and hacks. Thus, Brisbane-based platforms Entersoft is now providing amazing security services and solution for the ICO industries, which saves the firms from various security threats and hacks.

Although 2017 was a major year for the crypto, still, ICO industry has enjoyed a major ripple impacts or effects. Startups were increasing rapidly and reached to million zones in few hours, or even minutes as well. Everyone, therefore, desired to be part of this trend, and rightly they did so.

However, along with this trend in the field of ICO, there has always been a fear of cybersecurity and threats or breaches. As per the reports such as Business Insider Australia, it was calculated that near about $400 million has been lost due to the issues related to the hacking in the year 2015.

Entersoft-Fighting weapon for ICO fraud cases

It was invented by the Paul Kang and Mohan Gandhi since years, and it offers ICO security services. With the rise in the technology, fraudsters are finding up new ways to bypass these advanced platforms and to put their hands on the digital cash, which is exactly prevented by the Entersoft. The Brisbane-based platforms are working hard for the ICO scam, which includes the shutting down of the 24 phishing sites.

Gandhi has put his hands to check how these types of breaches could happen, and they observed that the majority of the scams and hacks are due to the phishing scams, which are mainly obtained from the fake URLs as well as from the social media accounts. Due to the lack of security services around the websites, there were certain flaws in the smart contracts. Thus, they have gathered and assisted near about 30 platforms for safe lunch of their ICOs. And, one of the latest clients called haven is ranked as the biggest ICO in Australia, raising $39 million in March this year.

How are they safeguarding and managing ICOs?

Entersoft is using the smart contract as well as an anti-phishing security system to protect their clients everywhere. Moreover, to fight with the hackers, they have employed white hat hackers. Among those, some cybersecurity experts are from the background of military and are using their combined years of experience to improve as well as to test the online security services for the startups before the launch of ICOs. Last year, Entersoft successfully launched ICO worth of $1 billion all over the world without a single hack or breach.

Australia could be a better ICO hub

Gandhi has discussed that Australia has the potential of becoming a successful ICO hub. Its Fintech-friendly policies and advanced financial services are some of the best things in Australia and made it a worldwide destination for the ICOs. The fund’s risings are also bringing huge investments into Australia and require legal support and cyber security along with build technology platform and white paper to construct.

Big clients and awards

Entersoft has made huge name and fame for themselves within a very short span of time. In 2017, they have been awarded as the FinTech startup of the year at the financial technology award show held in Hong Kong. Furthermore, it has also been selected for other award functions as well in the category of “excellence in cybersecurity,” “establishing global market presence” and “excellence in the Fintech support service.”



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