Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Litecoin: Here are Four of Bitcoin’s Closest Rivals

Bitcoin's Closest Rivals

The term “Bitcoin” is like the buzzword in every nook and corner of the world. It is the initial virtual banking currency of the internet that has been utilizing the people for years. But, the question that strikes every mind is that where did it come from? Are they coming under the legal settings? Where can you get that from? And the main curiosities about the bitcoins are who its rivalries are. Here are some of the definitions which will clear all your instincts. The cryptocurrency is just the line of computers that are coded in a specific manner which holds the monetary value. Those lines of code are basically created by the high-performance computers and electricity.

Cryptocurrency is also called as the digital currency. In general terms, these are the digital public money that is created by the painstaking mathematical computations as well as policed by millions of computers users called “miners”. Physically, there is nothing to hold and you can exchange crypto for cash. Crypto comes from the word cryptography which means the security processes that are used to protect the transactions that help to send the lines of code out for purchase.

It also helps to control the creation of new “coins” and also describe the specific amount of code. Bitcoins are those currencies that are invented using the cryptographic technique and designed for maximum anonymity. After the release of this, there are other digital coins known as the Altcoins, peer coin, feather coin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and bitcoin cash. All these are the closest rivalries of bitcoins, as per the recent analysis.

The bitcoins used to attract more number of customer’s attention from the investors. But, at the same time, it is true that these are not only the cryptocurrency in the market. Fears grow that the growth of the bitcoins are little more than a bubble, and people are staring at other options. There are now hundreds of cryptocurrency and, while they are having significant changes are these are mainly based on the blockchain technology.  Blockchains are the method that is used for the record keeping and uses a network of individual computers to store the log of transactions, verify the new transactions and without involving the central organization such as banks, the bitcoins are capable enough of doing the entire process.

By now, you might have understood what is bitcoin is all about as well as about the massive changes in the technology. Further, in this, you will come across with the terms like Litecoin, Ethereum, ripple, and Bitcoin cash, which are regarded as the rivalries of bitcoin in the present scenario. There is no doubt that bitcoins are dominating the market, but these above-mentioned rivalries are also making the waves. Let’s have a look at them.

Which one is the better-Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple?

It is one of the complex questions that have ever been asked to anyone as it is quite difficult to answer such questions and to frame a perfect sentence. The reason being for this is that all are having pros and cons, and virtually one can give you an answer other than speculation. Here are some points which will give few ideas about the coins in a brief manner.


It is certainly the first digital currency and the most popular and successful one as far now. The market cap is now rising and crossing all the boundaries, and the market cap of bitcoin is above all. It is also referred as the digital gold and some sort of asset that help to gain enough momentum, which will remain valuable for the time to come. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that the networks are overloaded and due to which there are delays in the transforms. The transaction speeds of these coins are highly regarded and in future, it is predicted that the process will be impossible to mine and the price of coins and the transaction fees will change. So it will hardly make some sense to invest on this if you are not having hefty amounts with you to throw at it.

In the year 2009, bitcoin was regarded as the largest cryptocurrency by value. As per the version of some mysterious founder, bitcoins are stated as the “peer-to-peer” version of the electronic cash that would allow you to do the online transactions, which will be sent directly to the third party without including the middle one or by going through the long banking and financial institutions rules and regulations. It is basically running on the concept of the blockchain, which is depicted as the digital ledger of the activities that cannot be tampered with.

It is also decentralized as it has no central authority to govern. There are certain high-powered computers which are verifying the transactions process at each step by using the lengthy cryptographic methods and codes. Because of this, the transaction time can be hampered around the bitcoin and can easily go against the original aims of the cryptocurrency. Therefore, many of the developers are naming it as the “digital gold” and “electronic cash”, and it could also be possible for long-term store of value.

One of the advantages of the bitcoins is that it can be stored offline on the person’s local hardware. This method is commonly known as the cold storage and it also helps in protecting the currency from being taken by others. Furthermore, when the currencies are stored on the internet somewhere, which is mainly called as hot storage, there are certainly high chances of risks of being stolen, whereas, on the other side of it, if a person is losing the access to the hardware that contains the bitcoins, then they are simply gone forever.

As per the estimation from the past records, there were $30 billion in bitcoins which have been lost or misplaced somewhere by the investors or miners. Nonetheless, bitcoins always remain at the top and will never lose its popularity over the time. The bitcoin cash is the cryptocurrency as well as the fork of bitcoin classic, which are created in August 2017. It helps to increase the size of blocks and allows a number of transactions to be processed.


It is like the rising star in the world of cryptography. Quickly it has become the largest digital currency in just two years and it is booming everywhere in terms of value and spurring the rise of thousands of new rivals to bitcoins. It was launched in the year 2015, and the value of it is rising rapidly. But, it has been some major setback before the Christmas Eve of 2017, and suddenly dropped from $850 to around $690, nearly a drop of 20 percent. Since then, it has started to show its volatility, hits all the high rates of $1400 in January before slumping to less than $750. The potentiality and efforts of the developers in creating the Ethereum puts significant challenges to bitcoins in every respect. The main aim of the Ethereum is to is to abstract away from the bitcoin’s design, however, so that the developers can create new applications or some agreements to have the additional steps, new forms of rules, formats, and alternatives, as well as various ways to transfer state.

The main target of the developers is also to set the goal which is the “turning-complete” programming language that will help to allow the users to write their codes in which the blockchain design can be specified which will help in governing and for specific outcomes. This flexibility is perhaps the primary innovations of Ethereum. The structure of the Ethereum is quite similar to that of the bitcoin, in which it shares the record of the entire transaction history. Every node of the network stores the copy of this history. The major difference between the Ethereum and bitcoin is that the nodes are useful in storing the recent state of each smart contract in reference to the ether transactions. With the use of this application, the network, therefore, needs to keep track of the “state” or the current information of all these applications that even includes the user’s balance.


It is the name that is used both for the digital currency as well as for the open payment network within which the currencies are transferred. It is an open-source payment and distributed network that still in beta. The aim of the ripple system is to enable the people to break free of the “walled gardens” of the financial channels such as the PayPal, banks, credit cards and much more which restricts the access with the fees, charges for the currency exchanges as well as for the processing delays. The approach is used for the fastest money transactions and has a lot of appeal to major financial institutions. This is something that makes it less prone to fluctuations and more stable.


It is made with the intention to become more faster than the Bitcoin. It introduces the features such as lightning network, SegWit, which are supposed to make the transaction cheaper as well as faster.  Litecoin didn’t suggest any new ideas or concepts; rather it helps to define the one that is vital to bitcoin.


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