Google Bans Chrome Mining Extensions By Going To Cryptojacking


The Extensions Platform Product Manager of Google James Wagner in a post on Monday titled “Protecting Users from Extension Cryptojacking” explained that the Google Chrome Web Store would no longer accept the extensions for the mine cryptocurrency.  The extensions which exist in the mine cryptocurrency going to be delisted from the Chrome Web Store in June 2018. The Extension with blockchain-related which is different from mining will continue to be in the Web Store.

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Mr. Wagner said that during the last few months there is a constant rise in malicious extensions which appear to provide some functionality on the surface. This is done by embedding the hidden cryptocurrency mining scripts which run in the background without the knowledge of the user. The mining scripts consume a significant amount of CPU resources. As a result, it will affect the system performance and consumption of power of the system severely.

The chart above shows a recent example of CPU over utilization from hidden coin mining in an extension

The Cryptojacking are present in various places starting from Bay to Salon. Elon Musk’s projects are also affected as “Tesla Kubernetes console which is a system for the apps containerization designed by Google and is not password protected” by Cryptojacking. The problem has been overstated, and some smart criminals are not secretly crypto mining in-browser as it is at scale is not profitable.

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The Cryptojacking has now become an annoying thing for many users around the world, and this issue has taken by Google seriously. Till now, Chrome Web Store policy has permitted for Cryptocurrency mining in extensions till it is in extension’s single purpose and the user is informed about the behavior of mining. 90 percent of mining scripts which are uploaded by developers have failed to comply with these policies. As a result, it is rejected or removed from the store.

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Google which is the largest search engine on the planet formally announced that it is going to restrict the advertisement of Cryptocurrencies and its related content. According to Wagner, extensions platform provide powerful capabilities which enabled the developer to build a catalog of extensions which will help users get the most out of Chrome. This announcement is another step to ensure the safety of the users.



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