Here Are The Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Rising Again!


Yes, it is true that Bitcoins are back from the fringe. After reaching the top and crossing $20,000 in the mid-December, the world is again shifting towards the cryptocurrency but introducing nothing but the freefall even better than before. Moreover, in the last week, Bitcoin has moved too close to the edge of $10,000 by cracking $9000 in the mid-morning on Tuesday.  Are you wondering how these things are happening with the coins right now? The best and quick answer to this question is tech upgrades as well as the big investors.

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In today’s world, Bitcoin is trading upwards for various reasons. According to the view of Fran Strajnar who is the CEO of Brave New Coin, has revealed that research and the data-based company is focusing on the cryptographic and blockchain assets market. According to Strajnar, the fundamentals of Bitcoins are increasing and improving as well. The recent highlights on the network and the outside forces from various regulators have brought the investors back. The United States is now stepping into this world to regulate the security tokens instead of the commodity assets as they are finding major value when the investors are involving. Furthermore, security tokens are defined as the cryptocurrencies, which are issued by the startups, kind of similar to the shares, whereas the utility tokens are used like the coupons for specific service to issue offers.

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Like the Soros and Rockefellers, which are moving into the ecosystem, this particular asset is also capable of holding the market value and can take the business towards a positive direction. Strajnar also adds that The Securities and Exchange Commission also approves Bitcoins.

George Soros who has $26 billion wealth management in the company is also planning to trade in this field, mainly in the digital assets. In addition to this, Adam Fisher who has already invested in the New York-based Soros fund confirmed that soon they would approve to trade in the crypto. Venrock, one of the popular capital firms which are associated with the family’s wealth fund, is also developing contacts to get into this trend. Thus, they have partnered with the CoinFund, which are crypto assets hedge funds that run by Alex Felix in the New York. They are interested in investing in the startups, which is also capable of issuing their coins. This was declared by the CoinFund on April 6.

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Now, the world is getting off the traditional market industry and ready to enter into the crypto sections soon. The CEO of Kowala is interested in investing in the cryptocurrency, which is a blockchain platform. Goldman and Barclays are considering the crypto trading desk. And the EOS coin is one of the biggest gainers in the top 10 list of the cryptocurrencies on April 24, in the year 2018. Moreover, one of the Blockchain ETF Company called RealityShares is also working on their won cryptocurrency exchange. The most shocking part is, already 56 finance organizations are supporting this concept and ready to enter into the third quarter of the cryptocurrency.

The entrance level of this phase assures higher levels of liquidity and along with a tsunami of new money, which will drive new rules and regulations. Though Indian government has banned Bitcoin, still some of the startups are using it. Even China has observed huge downfalls in the Bitcoin, but the country has remained on the tier 1 hub for the development of the blockchain technology. The money is going offshore to countries like Singapore and Hong Kong and is also finding new ways to venture into the crypto assets.

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These 50 days are giving a clear indication that people are slowly entering the crypto market as per the Rob Viglione who is the co-founder of Zencash. Even if the global market has suppressed the crypto prices, still there is the place to remain stable. Users have again started to understand the nuances of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As per the details declared on the last Tuesday, the EOS coin is regarded as the biggest gainer so far, more than 13%. EOS is one of the Hong Kong-based software organizations, which is developing solutions for the blockchain platforms.



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