Hybrid Crypto Exchange: The Future of Crypto Trading


Amidst the security threats in cryptocurrency exchanges and the lowered organisational involvement in cryptocurrency market, popular cryptocurrency exchange platform Qurrex has come up with a creative solution that can drag interest of various traders and professional investors.

Those in modern times are aiming to make it big through cryptocurrency should think well before considering Centralized Exchange (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). This is so as none of these provides a complete feature that can encourage individual investors and organisations to take part in the market.


CEX – Involving Greater Security Threats

Centralized exchanges, be it about NASDAQ or NYSE, have always allowed trading of stocks and equivalent properties, and also have encouraged through faster processing of orders, liquidity, and high-end tools. This certainly dragged interest of individual investors and organisations to take part. Especially, the organisational investors have increased the scope of greater liquidity.

But, CEX doesn’t hold a significant reputation in Crypto world. This is so as the entire trading orders are channeled to a reliable third party, and also demands participants to keep their private keys to the private exchange. They hold every chance of being attacked by the hackers. CEX is entirely dependent upon an organisation to handle all the functionalities, which put them under the charge of violating government regulations.

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Government interferes

Suppose some of the top exchanges in China stopped all sorts of Bitcoin withdrawing process for a period after China’s central bank decided to interfere. Others have put pressure on exchanges to gather data of their users, leading to privacy threats. CEX gathers huge cryptocurrencies that make them under the scanner of the hackers. In fact, hacking attacks have already caused loss of millions of digital properties; attacks like those on Bitfinex can be best examples.

DEX – Affecting the core value of Crypto

It’s a perception of many that the solution of such issues is there at the other side of the scenario. DEX lets its users maintain privacy that appears with cryptocurrency, while the private keys remain under their control. As they are mostly dependent upon software, it’s tough to put them under government regulation that demands CEX to gather details of its users.

Also, as DEX doesn’t keep the property of its users, there remain lesser chances of getting attacked by the hackers, thus ensuring greater security than the CEX. DEX doesn’t hold currencies, neither do they maintain ledger with complete details of buying and selling. This is why they can’t offer instruments or liquidity that would encourage professional investors to invest.

Qurrex – the hybrid exchange platform, which is the future of crypto trading

The upcoming days in Cryptocurrency world is going to be encouraging as they can get over of privacy threats. Qurrex comes up with a central platform that channels orders, ensures transparency, and interests professional investors. In concurrence, this platform is linked with a decentralized network that lets individual traders take part in the market, ascertain transactions, and keep their private keys if they prefer to. Through the facilities of peer-to-peer trading and maintain orders on a blockchain makes things distinguishing about Qurrex, which can provide the hybrid cryptocurrency experience to its users.

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Qurrex: The most innovative solution

Qurrex is going to project digital property trading in coming days. Powered by the huge experience of trading in central exchange, they provide faster, efficient, and transparent services. The company’s “central node” is going to be linked to a channel of decentralized nodes that let participants to use the trading platform and take part in peer-peer trading, make confirmation, and maintain transactions on a blockchain, at the same time keeping up the true spirit of crypto, ensuring high-end security of the digital properties that made cryptocurrency so popular. Through such hybrid exchange option, Qurrex appears as the most innovative thing in the market of cryptocurrency this year.



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