Privacy Policy

by rahul

This particular web page contains the legal documents that are essential to define the terms and conditions of our Terms of Service. It also regulates all the legal terms of our website,, mobile applications, web-based, sub-domains and other associates as that are operated and owned by WEDX LTD.

As per the capitalized terms, unless otherwise stated, have the definite meanings which are specified in the sections below. In this Terms of Service, including the Privacy Policy, posted guidelines on the website, license agreement, and collective “Legal Terms” establish the entire and only single agreement between you as well as WEDX LTD, and overrule all other sets of agreements, warranties, representations and understanding in relevance to our website and the overall subject matter is mentioned herein. We are authorized and can amend the Legal terms and conditions on you any time we wish for.

We can post the notice as per our convenience even without any prior notice for you. The current copies of the Legal Terms will be published on our website very soon, and you are supposed to review all the nuances prior to utilizing our website. Once the Legal Terms are posed by any revisions, then you are bound to agree all the conditions and changes that are made on them. So, it is thereby advised to you to go through the review sections of our Legal Terms periodically and should make sure that you still acknowledge to them.

If you are accessing this website, then you are accepting to be restrained by these websites details as well as Terms and conditions of Use, agreeing on applicable laws and regulations, and accept that you are answerable for any compliance that are within the local laws. Suppose you are hesitating to agree with any of these terms and conditions, then you will be prohibited from accessing the website and using it further. The materials that are used in the website are protected by the applicable trademark and copyright law.  

The previous update was posted on the website on Feb 4, 2018.


In the web page, there are certain terms like “our”, “we”, or “us” which refers to WEDX LTD who is the owner of the website.

Visitor- someone who merely visit the website and browse it, but at the same time, has not registered themselves as a member.

Member- is an individual who has registered with us by accepting all the terms and conditions to use our services well in time.

Service- our service defines the collective features and functionality that are offered through the medium called “websites” to the members within the stipulated time frame.

User- is cumulative identifiers who are generally referred to a member or a visitor to the website.

All the data, video, information, text, audio and graphics that are offered through this website are mutually called as our “content”.

Use of license

There are specific rules which are necessary to follow, and they are mentioned below:

  1. Permission is given temporarily to you to download one copy of the material (software or information) on the website of WEDX LTD for non-commercial as well as personal viewing only. Here are some points essential for you follow as this is a grant of the license which is completely different from the transfer of title, and under this, you are supposed to do this:
  • You cannot copy or modify the materials.
  • You should use the materials for the commercial purposed or for any of the public display like non-commercial and commercial.
  1. Progress towards reverse engineer or to decompile any of the software that is contained on the website of WEDX LTD;
  • Eliminate all of the copyright, if any, or other proprietary notations from the respective materials.
    • Try to transfer the materials to some other person, or else, you can mirror the materials on another server for better progress.

3. It is vital to note that if you are not following any of the license terms, then you will be expelled or terminated by the website called WEDX LTD at any moment without even the prior notice. Based upon the termination of the license for viewing or using the materials in your possession, you should destroy all the materials which you have used whether in printed or electronic format.

Restricted uses

The products which are mentioned on the website could only be used for the lawful purposes by the customers of this particular site.  You are highly restricted to utilize or frame certain techniques to enclose any copyrighted image, logo, hallmark, or most of the important details such as the page layout, text, images or type of the WEDX LTD without expressing the composed content.

You mustn’t use the Meta tags or any other type of “unseen tags” that are being utilized on the WEDX LTD’s trademark or name without having the written consent of WEDX LTD. You should agree with the fact that the contents that are used on the page of this website and consisting of important information, so you are not allowed to do any modifications on the name of the users, display, contents, and however, openly performing and distributing the materials in any way such as for the public functions in connection with the products or services that are not a part of the WEDX LTD, in other way is likely to create confusions among the users that shows the decry or challenges WEDX LTD’s or may its licensors.

This leads to dilute the strength of the WEDX LTD or maybe its licensor’s residential property or that may otherwise also infringe the WEDX LTD’s or licensors copyright rights. You also need to accept the things that you will not use the abusing materials on the website and should agree to abstain from those if they appear on the site.

WEDX LTD has no special duty to track of any of the products that are published, connected or transferred to or with the website. If you feel that something is breaching in case of the terms and conditions on the site then mark them and immediately contact the representatives as mentioned below.

If anytime alerted by the user that there is something allegedly done on the Terms, then WEDX LTD could only do the single discernment which will explore as well as will figure out what actions should it take or what are the ways to get rid of the contents. WEDX LTD has no specific duty or liabilities for measuring the efficiency of such activities.

Electronic communication

If you want to connect with us, then you are supposed to go to the website or need to send out messages to us. You will be connected electronically with us, and with this, we can get back to you through the online services without wasting much time. We can send the replies to you through emails or else we can upload the notifications on the website for your better understanding.

Your account

If you are a member of this site and utilizing it for your convenience, then you are advised to maintain the confidentiality of the account as well as the password, and you must perform all your responsibility for entire activities that will occur under your account and password. You are also suggested not to reveal any personal details which consist of credentials, first names or last names, and other essential information of your personal nature from the website.

If you will disclose any of your personal data on the website without any prior permission, then it might force you to leave the account. WEDX LTD has additional services like the right to refuse, remove or to edit the contents as well as to terminate the accounts as its sole discernment.

WEDX LTD never promises on the guarantee of truthfulness, dependability of the contents that are present on the website, or precision, maintaining the personal data. Each of the individuals is accountable for changing and upgrading their respective account’s information which is vital to preserve the precision, truthfulness, or reliability of the data.

Comments, review and other crucial materials

There are various registered users of this website, so post evaluation and remarks of the services and products are done minutely by means of the site. So long as the materials are not threatening, unlawful, defamatory, intriguing, or didn’t have any injurious to the third parties, and doesn’t include any industrial solicitation, mass mailing or spam, they are allowed. You are not allowed to use someone else’s account to impersonate the entity or user. WEDX LTD has its own rights and reserves them to modify or to eliminate such material which is harmful and have illegal issues, but doesn’t frequently examine the posted materials.

Suppose you are posting a comment or evaluating them, and unless the site suggests them, you can grant WEDX LTD as royal-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, and have the sub-licensable power to modify, utilize, release, create and equate derivatives from the work and to distribute them to the world. Your content should follow the policy and shouldn’t contain any irrelevant information which will have the chances of triggering further issues. WEDX LTD has the authority but cannot commit that they will edit, keep the track or will eliminate any of the tasks.

Legal compliance

You are supposed to agree on all the international and domestic laws, regulations, ordinances, and statutes regarding the use of this website. WEDX LTD has the sole authority to investigate complaints that will be reported on your account in terms of violation of Legal terms. As per the rules, specific actions can be taken which will not be limited to the member account.

Any of the suspected unlawful activities will be reported so that it will not harm the third parties nor will disclose any information such as person’s data related to the profile, usage history, email addresses, IP addresses, traffic information and posted materials. Privacy policies will be regulated as per the given instructions.

Errata and revisions

The materials which are showing on the website may include the photographic, technical or typographical errors. WEDX LTD doesn’t give the warranty that the materials used on the website are current, accurate or complete. WEDX LTD could change the material contents of the site without giving any notice even. However, it doesn’t give any commitments to the update the materials.


The materials that are appearing on the WEDX LTD are provided as “as is WEDX LTD” which makes no warranties, and thereby neglects and declaims all other warranties, including the conditions of merchantability, implied warranties, fitness for specific purpose, or other violation of rights.

Furthermore, WEDX LTD doesn’t give any guarantee to make the representations concerning the reliability, accuracy, or likely results on the materials that are on its website and related to such materials which are linked to this site. The site serves as a venue for the individuals for effective purchasing of products and services.

Neither the site nor WEDX LTD has the control over the reliability, timeliness, and accuracy of the user-submitted information and hence makes no representations or warranties about the data on the site. All the information about the materials, products, content, and services are listed and are available for you through this website which is provided by the WEDX LTD in certain basis unless otherwise declared in writing.

You need to express that you are using this website at your own risk. The emails and messages that are sent by the WEDX LTD are without viruses and don’t contain any harmful elements though. WEDX LTD will not be responsible in case of any damage which will occur on the website or from any details, products, materials, services listed that are otherwise available to you on this website. But, not limited to the punitive, direct, indirect and consequential damages unless otherwise stated in writing.

Connection to other sites

Our website may have the links to third party sites which are just for your convenience. By using and linking these sites, we are not creating any affiliation with you, neither sponsors such third parties. Whatever the inclusions we are having with us, doesn’t constitute of endorsement, warranty, guarantee or recommendation for third parties. WEDX LTD has no restriction over the legal documents as well as with the privacy practices of the third parties. You can use them at your own risk.

Service modifications in terms of site

WEDX LTD may terminate Terms of Service for the site at any time they wish even without any notice. By using this website, you are accepting all the conditions and current versions of it.

Governing law

The claims which are related to WEDX LTD will be governed by the laws of Israel without any regards to its conflict for law provisions.


There are certain limitations regarding the affordability, accounting, and other charges that are offered to the site where you are supposed to perform:

  • Your breaches in terms of these Terms.
  • Contents that you are offering to the site.
  • Your utilization of any content.

WEDX LTD will always provide the notice to you of any such match, case or claims.

General terms

All the legal terms and conditions will be regulated and executed as per the process is done in Israel, and shall be implemented and constructed by the laws of Israel without any regards with the conflicts of principles. In addition to this, you are supposed to provide the agreement for the personal jurisdiction as well as for the venue of such courts. Any of the actions that are caused by you with regard to this website will be instituted within:

  • After the halt of actions arose that will be forever barred and waived. If any part of the  Legal Terms will be held as unenforceable or invalid, then that portion shall be construed as per the law and the remaining portion will be effective and with full force. Furthermore, if any content is inconsistent with the Legal Terms as per the rules, then actions will be taken.