Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cryptocurrency World


With the entire world going digital from an offline mode, the recent trends in the entire globe for the year 2018 is the cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI). After the recent boom in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency has attracted the interest of the investors while the artificial intelligence industry has been achieving fascinating trends in the modern world applications.

Today, it is possible to integrate both these digital elements into a single phenomenon to enable the use of AI in the world of cryptocurrency trading. AI, when integrated with the trading platform, enables easy creation and execution of the investment portfolio along with the creation of strategies and observation of positions as well as portfolios in the real time.

Use of technology based on language and voice identification, being used to create investment strategies is an interestingly unique idea that requires one to understand the way it operates and its results with all the benefits and issues. Despite the enormous growth seen in the cryptocurrency market, the one thing that brings down the traders is the capability to think from an emotional point of view.

Emotions play a major role in deciding whether you win or lose in the unpredictable world of cryptocurrency. With emotions in the scenario, decisions get clouded that lead to forced errors, bad decisions, and ineffective strategies. However, with blockchain in the scenario, traditional operational tools are being replaced with better versions that are slowly finding prominence in the cryptocurrency market with AI as the major theme.

Emotions removed from the investment equation

To simplify this equation, emotions aren’t something that equates a well-educated decision. Human being and their brains aren’t at par with machines when it comes to discipline while making decisions or planning calculative strategies. This is rightfully said, given the fact that we put our emotions first when compared to logical analyzing.

Most of the decisions we make come from biased emotions that make us feel like we are predisposed to the rationalization that might be disqualified when it comes to objectivity. For cognitive dissonance, results seen here tend to be dramatically worse especially when added with investment factor. The major reason for a staggering rise in the automated trading based strategies is the limitation of emotion with regards to human interaction.

With machines invested in the scenario, it has been easy to propagate carefully calculated strategies without having to worry about rash decisions in cryptocurrency investing. The technologies for automated trading have been categorically designed to remove any guesswork or to think of the equation’s scenario. This helps bring down the calculated risk to the simplest possible element.

Machines use the best technique to curate strategic decisions that constitute of the inherent involved with the binary process of decision making in integration with the “If- then” functions. Machines tend to be free from emotion which is why the functions that are pre-programmed in the system negate the effects of emotions when it comes to trading decisions.

This leads to a better hold over the risks and rewards which when paired with proper design along with a predetermined entry as well as exit condition could lead to better trading circumstances. You can easily reprogram the AI for cryptocurrency when there is an issue with the strategy. However, when it comes to humans, reprogramming the thought process of an individual isn’t an easy task.

Management for the Abundance of Data

Investment funding companies and financial institutions have been welcoming new technologies and especially the AI to ensure they gain qualitative as well as a quantitative edge for market-making, generating returns and hedging. When you consider a large amount of financial and personal data that has been created by the global market terrain of the financial sector, the technologies have been a helping hand for these firms allowing them to sift via the ginormous quantity of information that allows an inflow of valuable insights.

ECNs or Electronica Communication Networks have opened a pathway to the proper proliferation of the automated trade based strategies that have brought benefit from an increased execution pace. This has resulted in a high-frequency explosion in the trading sector along with predefined rules for taking any instant purchase or selling decision.

When working at full potential with no human emotion quotient in the play, AIs help in the expedition of the process in decision making along with successful system created for entities that can explore their potential to the fullest. Along with this, the advent of cryptocurrency market and AI has led to the creation of a marketplace that is two-tiered with massive asymmetry that pitches a greater distance amidst the sophisticated peers and the retail investors.

Balancing the field

When it comes to the use of AI for cryptocurrency market, the benefit seen in automated trading can be seen rising with time. This is because the investment field has immense data that can be considered and analyzed by the artificial intelligence for trend determination. Like any institutional market, cryptocurrency world tends to generate a major amount of informative data on a daily basis.

The transparency that comes with cryptocurrencies based on blockchains provides safety in transactions along with the removal of the middleman with major economical benefits. Without the interference of any centralized body governing the crypto market, there is a chance for the artificial intelligence to learn and develop strategies that do not involve emotional content in the same.

The benefits for traders here is obvious given the fact that they can easily rely on the AI controlled tools rather than investing in the decisions via emotions. The AI in cryptocurrency, when combined with the vast information found on the internet platform, provides the trade with a scope to make decisions along with signal harnessing with blockchain’s power to ascertain potential future opportunities.

This helps traders overcome the ingrained biases in the characteristics of decision making by humans. The blockchain AI based processes provide the user with a power to deliver processing capabilities of effective style that allow better interpretation for larger databases. The increase in powerful technology for computation, trading industry and financial sector has allowed the transformation of traditional computation formulas with the use of the trading system based on AI algorithms.

Machines remove the emotional content from trading and crop it down to a game of numbers that cut through the noise in the trading signals while processing huge sets of data that isn’t possible on the part of any normal human. Incorporation of the deep learning techniques by machines leads to the processing of actionable strategies that uncover pattern identification along with multiple variable analysis in a simultaneous manner.

The users that process winning strategies have the chance to easily monetize these strategies into an ecosystem of the tokenized form that is built on the platform. Apart from this, the intersection of crypto with AI investment helps the investors ascertain a decision curated via ginormous information found over the internet with the use of data intelligence. AI is known for its power to interpret the emotions as well as language.

The implementation of AI has already started across several trading fields while slowly and steadily making it a good fit for cryptocurrency market. Apart from scaling through the web to find some insights, AI acts as a natural and digital processing tool for language-based instructions that enable the investors to curate formulated queries with responses generated from the system as applicable.

The best way to visualize this is to imagine a personal assistant that can easily complete all your required research along with the required legwork with advice on the trading strategies that hold potential for the derivation of insights with regards to the emotions, sentiment, language and data.

Adaptation and evolving process within the Tandem

The artificial intelligence, when paired with machine learning for cryptocurrency market, comes with natural application process with the implications that come with decentralized architecture, numerous data sources, and a disparate infrastructure. Similar to the way that various institutional investors quickly recognized the advantages of investing in automated trading based solutions, the cryptocurrency investors shall derive the ultimate benefit when it comes to the introduction of AI blockchain in the crypto ecosystem.

This levels the playing field for the trading market with the application of ever developing technologies. Latest financial services with AI in power provides the guiding light to investors who overcome the major factors with limited loss pattern when it comes to emotional investment trading in cryptocurrency.

With a decentralized structure along with a bundle of information to analyze from, AI can provide better strategies to traders and invest clever trading patterns in the trading platform for a higher chance of success. Human psychology can be a crucial link when it comes to cryptocurrency investment and it can either act in a positive form or negative depending on the day. Human emotions might be irrational at times that cost a substantial amount of money to the investor. With AI as the sole guide paired with new technologies, decisions and strategies are always rational and motive-driven.



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