Walmart Too Jumps Into The World Of Cryptocurrencies Bandwagon Along With Two Blockchain Patents


There has been lots of ups and down in the world due to the never-ending demand of the Bitcoin. Organizations are also scrambling to get into this trend. In most of the cases, organizations are announcing that Bitcoin is a pivot element, whereas, few are considering it as a danger, which has some negative consequences in the future. But, in reality, Bitcoin is the underlying technology of the Blockchain, which are even applied to the conventional retail.

Furthermore, it is regarded as a “distributed ledger,” which has the power to charge up cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is the only key for the decentralized behavior of the cryptocurrencies, as it has the ability to enable everyone in order to keep an eye on the track of who owns or earns what, and at the same time, you are not relying on the centralized database of an individual, mainly in the banks.

Blockchain technologies have been increasing rapidly and soon; it is going to change the world towards a better future. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are some of its well-known inventions; hence, Walmart also wants to use the application for their payment systems, which are made for the customers and vendors. These are created in a two patents system, which is filed last year and has recently approved on the Thursday session. Walmart has described all its system in the last event.

The system is all about a vendor payment sharing process, which automatically processes the payments for the customers based on the product and services related to the delivery of products and much more. The system is automatically dividing itself into various payments in between the parties and delivering the products with the help of the Blockchain technology.

Walmart is not new to the world of payment system or processing. Rather, it has a new spearheaded payment protocol, which was invented a few years back as a rival to the mobile wallets systems like Apple Pay and CurrentC. The device relies on the QR code and again on the cashier scanning code, which was quite terrible. Hence, based on these two types of patent filings, Walmart should learn something, instead of designing their cryptocurrencies for using in the stores. There are many dumb cases of crypto speculators, but the firm is only using the best part of the crypto technology leaving rest to die.


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