What Can We Expect from Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2018?


Before you delve deep into the discussion of cryptocurrency, check out why the selling of these coins is important in the present scenario? In today’s world, cryptocurrency has become the talk of the town and known to most of the people. While still some geeks, banks, and governments have not understood about the trend and are not aware of its importance.

Over the past few decades, it was very hard to manage major parts of the banks such as in the accounting firm; a prominent data access system in the software companies and the research about the cryptocurrencies didn’t reach the target. Later, with the passage of time, the technology has developed, and Blockchain concept was introduced to the customers.

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But beyond the press releases and noise, there is an overwhelming majority of the people such as developers, bankers, consultants, and scientists who have very less knowledge about the concept of cryptocurrency, and they often fail to define and understand the basic ideas. And even few people know that cryptocurrencies have emerged as a side product for other invention.

In the 2008 announcement, Satoshi has developed the peer-to-peer electronic cash system known as the bitcoin. The target was to invent something different, where many people can create their digital cash. Another important aim of Satoshi was to found a way called as decentralization of the digital cash system; therefore, many attempts were done to create the digital money.

Later, after seeing so many fails in the attempts of centralization, Satoshi has tried a lot to build the digital cash system, which was without a central entity such as peer-to-peer file sharing. This idea became the birth for the cryptocurrency, and with the changes in the technical aspects, the condition in the marketplace has been diversified to a great extent.

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Previously, in case of the digital cash system, customers were supposed to pay their bank accounts to the networks along with the balances and transaction details. This process was hectic and didn’t assure much security to the customers, so the decentralized network was introduced and don’t have this type of server. Rather, there is only a single entity of the network to do the entire job.

This idea has worked out well, and everyone has started to discuss the topics regarding the cryptocurrencies. It is one kind of digital money, which can be stored even without the use of banks. The technology has changed a lot over the years and has gained huge popularity and fame because the cases that are linked with the cryptocurrencies are reliable and untraceable.

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Reasons For The Best Cryptocurrencies In The Year

There are very few amounts of the digital coins are available, and advancement in the technology has driven the value of the cryptocurrencies to five-figure sums and more. And among several currencies of this trend, bitcoin and there are in the top positions. Although their awareness of the cryptocurrency has escalated over the past few years, and yet there are real moves needs to be adopted for a widespread change.

Various traditional investors are waiting for their chance to join the trend and want to access the Blockchain technology for better productivity and results in the future. But, still, there are some hesitations, which may be due to the volatility and risks of the assets class or safety with the exchanges provided. There are huge fluctuations in the decisions, but every time, bitcoin and Ethereum took the entire market and cryptocurrencies have earned lots of attention from every investor.

Apart from the dramatic dips that have occurred in 2018, investors are still looking forward to a positive result in the future, and they expect that bitcoin and Ethereum can do this, as per the market survey. However, there has set some dramatic increase in the capitalization in the year 2018 as compared to the bitcoin.

Several factors are governing the cryptocurrencies such as the scaling problems, regulations, ICOs, and institutional investors. Combining all these factors, the height of the market’s potentiality could reach zenith levels, even more than seven to eight times than the present state.

Coinbase: Best solution for the Blockchain technology

When there was some hesitation in accepting the cryptocurrencies due to lack of assurance in the field of security and space, Coinbase was introduced that offers a reliable solution to the problem, which is done through present announced in the index fund of the cryptocurrency. These funds are highly relevant and have contained all the cryptocurrencies such as the GDAX/Coinbase, which are listed currently.

The listed currencies are the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and bitcoin cash. This method may look like the vanilla cryptocurrency that is line up with the lacks of varieties. As per the view of the president known as Asiff Hirji, this planning will add more digital assets to the lineup the process in the future days.

After the bitcoin cash debacle, there was a huge movement in the process of Coinbase that allows the exchange of the negative publicity. As per the reports, the Coinbase index fund consists of approximately 7% bitcoin cash, 27% Ethereum, 62% bitcoin and 4% of the Litecoin. These percentages of the index funds records are weighted and based on the market caps of those included coins, and as per the Coinbase index fund site, the funds will be re-balanced at the end of the January 1st.

The history of the Coinbase has been adopted in the market since years and soon has become the household name in the cryptocurrency space as well as among the investors. It has become an integral part of the cryptocurrency community, and traditional media has its sights on the Coinbase.


It is one of the most vital currencies that are highly valued on the market. As per the recent reports and ranking, the current price of the single bitcoin is around $11,000. In the year 2017, the cryptocurrency has kicked off the market with a value, which was around $800 per coin before reaching the higher levels. It was expected that there might be some substantial growth in the coin in this year, and the experts believe that it could reach six-figure values for sure.

Due to this, the digital currencies are bit scarce, as it has the provision of only 21 million coins, which are available for the people to make the purchase. But, recently, the famous investor known as Grantham said that the bitcoin is presently experiencing some financial bubble, and soon this could crash the real value, before the huge market peaks.


As per the recent trend in the marketplace, Ethereum has become the standout cryptocurrency of the present year, as it has passed the $1,000 per coin, in the very fast week of the January. The things that set it apart from the bitcoin are driven by the fact linked to the transaction speed as well as due to the hi-tech architecture designs.

There are many chances that Ethereum could continue in the same manner to grow in the following stages of the year. And the financial institutions such as the Credit Suisse and Barclays have announced their plans to test the technology, which will help them to transfer the money in between the European countries.

Price Predictions Of Ethereum In The Year 2018

Before going deep into the topics, the first that need to be in mind is that there will always be a short prediction of the price, even in case of the Ethereum as it is a difficult endeavor. Initially, for the starters, the rate of the single ether is so vital and volatile that it can easily lose up to 25% of the value in the very first day, and can only be regained in the next.

The most frequent and present example is, a few days ago and that is approximately 150 days, there was a bit, which was under $300, but, now it is $730. There is undoubtedly lots of volatility in the past three months with the price of the Ethereum, which was going on the market from $550, and then again returned to the 4770, and more excitingly, it reached to $1,440 in the early part of the January.

And finally, now it is $730. This novelty and volatility of the currency were started in the year 2014, has drained the technical analysis and have made several changes in the price predictions process for the year 2018. As per the predictions regarding the Ethereum, the price of it may reach to $2000 in the next few months, and if you consider the rate of the single Ethereum, then it can reach up to $5000 at the end of the year.

In the starting part of January 2017, the rate of Ethereum was $10, and now it has reached to a tremendous height, and that is $734, and soon it will reach to $5000. What does you is it possible? Some factors are driving this trend such as the ether applications, which can use the smart contracts. Ethereum also allows the developers to use the decentralized apps, which are known as the apps, and these are coming on the top of the list and are more valuable for the upcoming ether in the future.



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