What Do You Know About The Five Companies Who Are Mulling An ICO?


With the tremendous success of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the global market, there are thousands of companies who have started using blockchains to provide a fund for the ongoing operation. The regulators have realized the power behind the idea; the idea behind is to mobilize the unused cash collectively. The resistance on the institution is deteriorating day by day, so now the established companies are jumping on the ICO bandwagon to raise the money for their blockchain, which may further take this trend ahead.

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The blockchain has turned the notion of the crowdfunding from its head, but the revolution is happening in very slow motion. From the bitcoins to the blockchain technology has ascended to a great extent. All credit goes to the solution like Ethereum which can help you to disrupt the transactional businesses processes with a new set of smart contracts. These were the inspiration for the new trend in the world of crowdfunding which is known as ICO or the initial coin offering. This is helping the new startups to source the liquidity.

The concept of the crowdfunding has covered a long way. The entrepreneurs who have a unique business idea use to approach to build the capital by approaching their network for funding the family members, other relatives as well as the friends. This concept is also termed as the angel funding. The crowdfunding, by contrast, is now familiar with the websites like the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. These types of platform are giving a good platform to display the business plans as well as the product imagery and organize all the online credit cards along with the bank payments from the interested contributors.

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There are some of the companies listed below who have been working on ICO

  1. Overstock.com

The CEO of the overstock the Patrick Byrne has made some of the most successful decisions during the leadership of the e-commerce retailer. The best was the acceptance of the bitcoin as a method of payment in the year 2014. Byrne had earned billions of dollars for the company when there was an increase in the value of the bitcoin. The efforts were given by him to turn the overstock from the company into a blockchain powerhouse which will continue with the upcoming ICO. It is slated to raise over 250$ million dollars to fund the new platform and the cryptocurrency zero.

Byrne has helped to raise around the 50$ million during the pre-sale and has extended the public sale to increase the investor’s confidence. They might have contributed to the concurrent decline of NYSE-listed OSTK, teaching onlookers that mixing the blockchain and the equity may give positive as well as negative results.

  1. Ask.fm

The world’s famous question and answer platform ask.com is one of the famous destination for the internet users worldwide. According to the users, there are around 215 million users. The visitors can ask anything which they want to know as well as they can read the answers from people around the world. The ability to follow the users to go through the platform searches shows that they are enough expertise to find the questions which they are qualified to answer quickly. The users can even ask questions to the most knowledgeable posters.

The company is looking forward to upgrading the platform with some added features that will help to enhance the user experience. It is looking forward to launching AskFM 2.0 can be seen on the site loaded with some additional information. The rumors are that it will have some token based incentive system. In a research, it came that if there is a cryptocurrency that can lead to a better quality of content as well as draw a large number of users to the platforms.

  1. Telegram

In the present scenario where the privacy is at the top of the priority. The telegram has introduced a mobile chat application. The app allows the user to easily get connected with one another from any part of the world. This specialty has contributed a lot to the popularity of this app since 2013. The most popular app has decided to increase the security features by implementing the blockchain as well as introduce safe payment functionality.

The company has further decided to launch the chat application with the cryptocurrency payment, and they will name it Telegram Open Network (TON). It is also the name of the token which is generated during the upcoming ICO which will raise up to $500 million. If it happens, it will be the biggest ICO of all time.

  1. Kodak

The giant companies who are looking to fund the entry into blockchain space can show their market presence by an ICO. At some point in time, Kodak was renowned for manufacturing camera and photography equipment. Now the Kodak has launched KodakCoin. The token will be used to track the image ownership as well as the usage rights on the internet. Kodak has recently collaborated with SEC and began licensing arrangements with WENN digital.

The launch of the KodakCoin may be an opportunity to make a good amount of money in the market. The companies who have the little idea of the blockchain must be very careful to avoid the hiccups resulted from the poorly considered objects.

  1. Sears

An ICO is currently viewed a “Gray Area” which is enough to raise a lot of money, and even the largest companies are trying to figure out how to make their tokens compliant with the SEC’s myriad definitions and standards. Despite their uncertain future of the ICO’s, they are helping to raise the billions for the betterment of the smaller companies as well as the large companies. But the owners of the company need to stay alert from fuelling the hype.

The ICO is still at the growing stage so the large companies planning to include the blockchain in their business should try to know that they will need to adopt a new and informal standard or some risk. The companies should safeguard this opportunity and show dedication towards the introduction of the better blockchain services.                         


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